Freebase Nicotine

A-sense Freebase Nicotine is a 100% natural product extracted from tobacco leaves.

Produced in Europe with the developed technology and tested in independent laboratories such as Eurofins Institute of Organic Industry, makes this product far exceeds pharmaceutical grade and ensures the best quality to the customer.

Synthetic Nicotine

Synthetic nicotine, also known as tobacco-free nicotine is created in a laboratory to completely mimics the nicotine alkaloid found in tobacco without using any tobacco derivatives.


NicSalts are nicotine salts manufactured by combining freebase nicotine with different acids. The features may vary based on the substance used.

Compared to freebase nicotine, the effect of NicSalt is completely different. NicSalts are milder in taste yet provides stronger and longer-lasting nicotine effects. NicSalts also enhance the vaping experience as they vaporise at lower temperature and have lower pH level, providing improved nicotine absorption and smoother “throat hit”.



  • Cool-air (mixture of 30% W-3/W-23 and Propylene Glycol)
  • WS-3
  • WS-23
  • Menthol (crystal/solution)


A-sense works on the best chemical ingredients, essential oils, and extracts to obtain the highest quality flavours. Everyday we try to discover the world of flavours. We can create a taste according to individual customer requests. All our flavours are produced according to the quality standards of German and EU food legislation. We always follow market trends and our goal is to create our own.

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